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Golden Opportunity to work for yourself

Prepare to be amazed if you are looking for a fantastic business opportunity. Tap into more than 25 years of experience as one of Cleanfootprints Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialist franchisees. Be your own boss in your exclusive territory backed and promoted by a big company, grow without the mistakes, please take a look

Wow! Be amazed...

Is our message, because we really do offer an amazing, passionate service. Imagine the job satisfaction when your customers says "Wow, I can't believe its come up like new!" or "I was going to replace now I am definately going to recommend and use you again".

The UK spends millions on new carpets and upholstery every year and at some stage the owner has to think about maintaining these expensive items. The customer does not want an inferior cleaner damaging her possessions, they demand the best.

Cleanfootprints offer specialist on-site carpet and upholstery cleaning and treatments at affordable prices aquiring the best, safe results. The customer knows they are in safe hands, with a recognised brand trusted to be fully insured, trained and professional. Customers remain happy and loyal to Cleanfootprints for the long term. 

Good Reasons to join us

  • Reasonable set up costs
  • Recession proof
  • Technology proof
  • No premises needed
  • Organically grow year on year
  • Multi van operation potential
  • Amazing hourly rate
  • Nest egg for your future
  • Freedom from the boring 9 to 5 regime
  • No commuting
  • One day may run without you...