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Half Price Scotchgard Protection
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Scotchgard Protector

Keep your carpets & upholstery looking great for longer.

Which? Trusted TraderKeep your home cleaner, fresher, brighter for longer with Scotchgard Carpet & Upholstery Protector. Cleanfootprints are authorised and trained Scotchgard applicators to freshly cleaned and new furnishings in your home.


One room FREE when You Book Your Clean

We also give you our Famous £19.99 Stain Remover absolutely FREE too.

Make your Clean Last Longer! 

  • Helps protect against both oil and water based stains
  • Helps carpet fibres resist soiling
  • Reduces fibre abrasion
  • Helps spills blot up before they become stains
  • Helps stains release more easily when carpet and upholstery is cleaned 
  • Helps carpet and upholstery stay cleaner longer 
  • Effective against fruit drinks, soft drinks and frozen fruit treats 
  • Revitalise mill-applied stain protection.

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Improves vacuuming

Vacuuming is actually more effective with Scotchgard protector. There is dry dirt and sticky dirt. With Scotchgard protector coating and protecting each fibre, the sticky dirt can not attach to the fibres leaving them loose and easier to vacuum away.

Simplifies spill clean-up

Scotchgard protector helps keep spills from becoming hard-to-remove spots or stains. It repels liquids, so spills can be blotted up quickly and easily.